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25G SFP28

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  • 25G SFP28 Optical Transceiver

    SFP28 optical transceivers are designed for use in 25GBASE and 28G Gb/s data rate over multimode or single model fiber. They are compliant to IEEE 802.3by, SFF-8472 Rev 12.2 and SFF-8402, and compatible with SFF-8432 and applicable portions of SFF-84...

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  • 25Gbps SFP28 AOC

    This 25G SFP 28 active optical cable is a high data rate active optical cable (AOC), to overcome the bandwidth limitation of traditional copper cable. An open collector compatible Transmit Disable (TX_Dis) is provided. Logic "1" or no connection on ...

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  • 25Gbps SFP28 DAC

    The passive copper cable is a high speed, cost-effective 25Gbp/s Ethernet connectivity solution designed to meet the growing needs for higher bandwidth indata centers. The passive copper cable contains a single high-speed copper pair, operating a...

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