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Q: How long do you keep my Order Status history?

A: The My Orders section is one of the great new features on Nokoxin. Your Order Status history will be kept for 90 days and will reflect your orders that were placed on Nokoxin.


Q: How will I know if Nokoxin received my order?

A: Once an order you have placed for delivery has been processed, you will receive a confirmation via email. The confirmation will contain the expected delivery date, your shipping address, your order number and any other changes to your order.


Q: What if I forget my order?

A: Your order number is included in the email order confirmation with an automatic link to the Order Status Nokoxin. When you order by phone a partner will give your order number. It’s a good idea to save your email order confirmation or write down the number for future reference. If you forget or lose your order number can be obtained by contacting the Customer Service Centre by email to or email to sales@nokoxin.com.cn or live chat.


Q: How can I check the delivery status of my order?

A: To check the delivery status of your order, please log in your account and on “logistics information” page you can track your order conveniently or you can contact us directly for status.


Q: How long will you deal with my order?

A:In the business hour, we will deal with your order immediately. We will inform you the lead time and shipping method, and make confirmation with you for some information we needed for shipping. Otherwise you will be waiting for one business day or one-and-half a day to deal with your business.

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