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“Poverty Alleviation Actions” Nokoxin Helps those in Need with Cataract by donating to the Foundation

2018-08-15 15:46:40  Publish: Nokoxin

In August 15, 2018,  the “Poverty Alleviation Actions”, to help those in need who had Cataract disease, have started. And setting up an free clinic aim to help people with cataract to see clearly again. The clinic was in Shitingzi Town, Qidong County.

Initialed and sponsored by China Overseas Chinese Public Welfare Foundation, Overseas Chinese Federation and Hengyang Aier Eye Hospital, co-organized by County Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce) and Shenzhen Nokoxin  Technology Co., Ltd.  Aiming to help those in poverty who had cataract and providing them with free surgical solutions and surgeries.

Nokoxin donated 30,000RMB in this project. Together this project helps 86 patients. And checking more than 400 people with potential syndrome.

For those who fit the conditions of surgery, Hengyang Aier Eye Hospital will arrange surgery for them under the schedule of the foundation.

President of the Hengyang County Federation of Industry and Commerce, Ma yong, and  Mayer of Shitingzi town Zhou Weigang,  Vice president of Hengyang Overseas Chinese Public welfare fundation Jiang Anmin, attended this the ceremony.

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