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New submarine cable will deliver 100Tbps broadband rate to Hawaii

2018-06-02 15:32:49  Publish: Nokoxin

Starting this month, network, data, and voice traffic will begin to flow through $250 million of submarine cable that connects Hawaii, the United States, and Asia.

New submarine cable will deliver 100Tbps broadband rate to Hawaii

According to Hawaii Telecom, the new submarine cable has the capacity to transmit 4 million HD movies simultaneously.

“The transpacific cable has provided Hawaii with more than 50 years of telecommunications services,” said Daniel Masutomi, director of submarine engineering and network optimization at Hawaii Telecom. “However, most of these cables have already been retired, and the remaining few are also near retirement, or The maximum load capacity has been exceeded."

The 9000-mile submarine cable system connecting Indonesia, the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii and California will help meet the exponential growth in demand for Internet services. Seven companies formed the Southeast Asia-United States Alliance (SEA-US) to build cables.

According to Hawaii Telecom, submarine cable is expected to operate for at least 25 years. It can withstand strong currents, ocean storms and harsh saline-alkaline environments.

Southeast Asia-US submarine cable will use 100Gbps technology to deliver 20Tbps of capacity. Hawaii Telecom says that with 20 Tbps capacity, Internet users can download about 4,000 DVDs in one second, or download all printed books in the Library of Congress in half a second.

“We are proud to participate in the most technologically advanced transpacific cable system, which will meet the growing demand for broadband between Asia and the United States.” Scott Barber, President and CEO of Hawaii Telecom stated: “This landmark cable system ensures Hawaii Telecom can support cloud computing, streaming video, and the Internet of Things in a cost-effective manner, as well as spur bandwidth demand from Hawaiian residents and corporate innovation and economic growth."

Hawaiian Telecom, Manila Global Communications, Tamuning, Guam’s GTA, Los Angeles’s GTI, San Francisco’s RTI, Indonesia, Telin and Los Angeles’s Telkom USA own and operate this submarine cable project.

Hawaii Telecom stated that the company’s decision to invest in a new cable system is to ensure that Hawaii’s Internet access is not interrupted because the existing submarine cable is about to be retired. The company stated that research at the University of Hawaii and Johns Hopkins University in 2013 showed that the island’s existing portion of submarine cable is expected to end in the mid-1920s.

Hawaii Telecom invests US$25 million in this submarine cable project.

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